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  1. Greece…Athens and Milos.



    Greetings all! We just finished our time in Greece and surprise…it didn’t suck!


    After recovering from the trip for a night at our great friend Liz’s apartment in Athens, we headed out to the Greek Island of Milos. We ended up taking a ferry that took about 7 hours. A long trip no doubt, but at least we could get up, move around and enjoy the sights. Our arrival was late and we retreated to our hotel promptly for another night of recovery. Our internal clocks were still out of whack, so the nights were late, but that didn’t stop us from having wonderful days full of adventure and relaxation.

    During our first day, we kept things low key. The priority…beaching. We walked to a beach close to the hotel and enjoyed some fun in the sun. Meier was apprehensive about the sea, but if you know Meier, you know that didn’t last long. In no time he was swimming, splashing in the surf and digging in the sand. After a few hours of soaking up the salt and sun, we retired back to the hotel. That evening, Liz gave us a date night to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. We dined on traditional Greek fare. Grilled whole fish and marinated artichokes were the shinning stars of the meal. Washed down by a bottle of prosecco, the food was the best of the trip so far. The people watching was fantastic as well. That night we also booked a diving/sightseeing trip on the Andromeda for the next day. We had no idea what was in store for us.

    The next day, we took our motion sickness pills (just in case) and headed to the boat. About 40 other passenger boarded with us and we headed out to see some Milos hot spots. The sea was angry that day my friends, but somehow we survived the trip. We were told these were the roughest seas that the tour runs in. Meier rode the waves like a champ, white knuckles and smiles. We stopped at a nice calm bay for a swim and headed to the best spot of the day…Kleftiko. Once we arrived, it was agreed that the trip was worth it. A dingy took us through some tight passages in the magical spot and then we geared up for the first dive. Gear was handed out, and this was the first sign of a somewhat haphazard operation. Gear was ill fitting or missing all together, but we deemed it safe enough. When we asked the dive master about the gear, we were told “I have the solution to all of your problems”. That has now become the running joke of our trip. It took about half the dive to get as comfortable as we could with the massive tanks, poor (integrated) weighting and huge fins, but of course it was still fun. The dive was highlighted by surfacing in an isolated cave and discussing the possibilities of hidden treasure. A massive buffet was served for lunch and we moved along to the next spot. There, Doug and Meier boarded the dingy for a secluded beach while Claire and Liz ventured on another dive. As the boys enjoyed an amazing pebble beach contained in a limestone sinkhole, the ladies dove with the divemaster and his nephew in training. They enjoyed diving through different caverns, tropical fish and coral. When they surfaced, there was sea where they expected to see the boat. As they looked around, they noticed the boat had drifted out to sea with only one helpless crew member aboard. The divemaster/captain quickly ditched his dive gear to swim out and recover our nearly lost boat. After the near disaster, the ladies joined the boys at the beach for a swim. We all then boarded the boat and headed back to port. The trip back was as rough as the trip out with several passengers getting sick and all passengers wet with sea spray. To the captains credit, his facial expression never changed which settled our nerves significantly. We made it back to the bay and made a short stop at a church on an isolated beach before heading back to the bay. I think the entire boat took that opportunity to say a little prayer and give thanks for safe passage.

    The remainder of our time on Milos was spent visiting the beaches of Paliochori and Pollonia. The bus trips were short and cheap around the island, and were very much worth it to access off-the-beaten-path locations. We enjoyed cold drinks on the beach including local beers and the beloved Greek frappes. Paliochori was the most spectacular with the beach covered in multi-colored tumbled stones which were beautiful to see, but rather difficult to walk on. It was the last day on Milos when we visited Pollonia and hung out on a small private beach then had a wonderful seafood lunch on the water. We headed back to Adamas (the port city) and boarded our boat back to Athens.

    We arrived late in Athens and headed back to Liz’s apartment and headed to bed. The next morning we prepared for the next leg of our trip…Croatia and Slovenia. We bid Liz farewell and headed to the airport. We arrived in Zagreb late but had enough time for dinner and groceries. Currently, Claire waits patiently, as this posting is finished, and prepares for our tour of the city for the day.


    More adventure to come so stay tuned!

  2. Puerto Rico 2014


    In 2012, we ventured down to the Caribbean with both the Freese and Braam Clans. We were missing Mitch and Kimberly, but otherwise the crew was complete. The condo in Rincon was incredible, complete with a private swimming pool and hot tub. There was even a private bar onsite with plenty of amazing landscaping and a short walk the beach and bars. Doug and Claire, as per usual, took the opportunity to venture out. Continue Reading

  3. Fiji 2012

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    In 2012, we decided we needed to go check out the South Pacific. Being scuba enthusiasts, the choice was tough, but we ultimately chose Fiji. After an incredibly long overnight flight, we finally arrived at sunrise (which felt like noon to us). Thankfully the airport had cold beers, and we were ready to head to our first destination…Waya, in the Yasawa Islands. Continue Reading

  4. The Mile High City, our home for the past 9 years!

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    We love Denver, but it’s time to move on! Since we moved here we’ve gotten married, bought a home, had a wonderful son and had countless adventures and experiences. Concerts at Red Rocks, camping trips, fishing trips, backcountry trips, powder days and dance parties just scratch the surface of the amazing time we’ve had.