Braam’s on the Go!

Catch us if you can…

We are the Braams! Doug, Claire and our (almost) four year old son Meier. Currently, we reside in Denver, CO but that is about to change. A move from the city has been in the works for quite some time now, but we’ve decided to use this transitional time to take a long trip and forget about the grind for a while. Our house is sold and our employers are on notice as we plan the trip of a lifetime. Departing the good ol US of A in early August, we will head all through Europe. A combination of hostels, condos, home stays and farm stays will be our residence for the following 3 months. We begin this adventure in the Greek Islands and plan to work our way north to Munich for Oktoberfest with so many places in between. Following the largest beer festival in the world we will continue our journey back to Greece through Northern and Eastern Europe.

We have always had a taste for travel and adventure, but this is a whole new level for us. We love to travel, cycle, hike, snowboard, fish, take photos and generally enjoy the best of what life has to offer. Sharing these things with Meier has been a new passion for us in recent years and now we get to take these passions to a whole new continent. We could not be more excited. Overwhelming anticipation and anxiety fill our world right now as we head to the unknown. We invite our friends, family and anyone else to follow us through Europe and beyond!